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Arfina Artist'S Picture Varnish Spray

  • Protects your picture
  • Keeps your picture safe
  • Made in india
  • Very economical


Arfina Artists Fixative Spray, 200ml

  • 200ml spray in tin bottle
  • Protection solution for all the dry drawing mediums
  • Country of Origin: India


Kuelox Fixative Spray: Kuelox Fixative Spray 180ml

  • Kuelox fixative spray protects computer prints, pencil, pastel and chalk drawings
  • Prevents smudging, wrinkling and allows for easy reworking of the artwork
  • Acid free and archival safe
  • Clear, durable finish
  • Erase through coating to rework artwork.
  • Non-wrinkling; non-yellowing. Dry to the touch in 30 minutes.