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Cretacolor Monolith Woodless Graphite Pencils Set of 11

  • These Pencils are made with fine graphite with a thin lacquer coating & solid graphite woodless pencils last 6 times longer.
  • Peel or sand outside coating to use for wide strokes. No waste: shavings can be used as graphite powder.
  • High-grade fireproof ceramic clay binder used for high-breaking strength and a velvety finish. Presented in an attractive tin box.


Cretacolor Artist Studio Graphite Pencil 12 Set

  • Highest breaking strength to promote ease of sharpening
  • Created with exacting standards of hardnesss grading
  • Set of 12 - 6B - 4B - 3B - 2B - B - 2x HB - F - H -2H - 3H and 4H


Cretacolor Cleos Fine Art Graphite Pencils Set of 12

  • High grade artists graphite pencil which has a smooth laydown
  • A comfortable, hexagonal barrel and color coded tips for easy identification
  • Traditional hard cedar wood casing these pencils are exceptionally strong and can be sharpened to a clean fine point
  • Ideal for all sketching, drawing, and hatching applications
  • Set of 12 assorted pencils